lostmyfooting: (we're vikings bitches. represent)

let your colors burn and brightly burst into a million sparks that all disperse

we're both on the wing, look down and keep on singing

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Name:Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Yes, laugh at the username. Laugh and feel horrible. God, you terrible person you.

Interests (56):

all of them, all the dragons, all the other gods too i guess, ankh apparently, astrid hofferson, befriending especially assholes???, befriending even assholes, being a total nerd, being a wiry travesty, being helpful, berk, catapults!!!!!!!!!!, charcoal, desperately flailing for approval, dragons, folklore, getting dad's approval, getting shoved into barrels, giving bullies bullying advice, gobber, hello again terrible reputation, httyd, i have friends?!?!?, in a word: sturdy, inventing things, inventions, jack frost, jack frost!!!!!, learning about everything in general, learning about other cultures, look dad i--oops fire, look what i--oh explosions, lots of new houses, my best bro jason?!?!, my dad, my favorite sassdragon, nice to fail you, no jason stop helping, norse mythology, not bullies ok ok, odin, positive reinforcement what's that, racing, self-deprecating humor, shhh dragon bonding, shhh eat the cake, shhh jason shhh, sketching, stoick the vast, suddenly fire, terrible furvestthings, thor, tiny bit of confidence, toothless!!!!!!!, viking fashion!!!!, zero self-esteem
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