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2014-03-09 04:22 pm
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Viking Man Satchel

aka ~INVENTORY~ figure Hiccup needs one of these, too. he's the sentimental type, he'll start gathering things together like a Mockingbird before too long

And now he's spinning . . . Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile )
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2013-12-15 02:22 am
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Research Post!!!!

because i'm masochistic like that.

things underneath. SO MANY THINGS )
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2013-12-11 11:58 pm
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still not sure this is actually happening )
5.23.15 Bakerstreet >> TFLN Bad Decisions | Jack Frost | part 1, part two | threads
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2013-12-08 06:21 pm
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What am I doing wrong? I'd love to get better! And clearly if you're here, i'm doing something wrong. i'm always, always, always open for crit. I will accept it gladly, and we can talk about how I can improve! i'd love your input <3 Hiccup's type isn't exactly new to me, but he has his own sarcastic flair that can be hard to pin just right.

and hey, if I messed something up about Viking history or Norse mythology or hey BOTH, hit me (gently). many thanks!

as always, anon is on, IP logging is off.
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2013-12-08 06:13 pm
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Age: 15? years old???? DEFINITELY 15, thank you Dreamworks
Height: shortish??? 5'something, fandom seems to dictate 5'5" and that works for me
Medical info: he's missing his left foot. in its place is a simple metal prosthetic attached to a cylinder of wood, which is tied to his stump. it has some kind of spring mechanism, giving him pretty good suspension and give when walking or running. other than that, healthy Viking! They eat really, really well, even though it tastes dull as fuck.
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Physical traits: he has a scar on the right side of his face, just under his lips. it's totally adorable. freckles dust his face, neck, and hands. they're probably speckled across his chest and arms, too. when he smiles, it's often lopsided and awkward. he arrived in his riding gear, which includes a super cool leather harness over his green tunic. but the gorillas were nice enough to find his shit and toss it into the middle of Camp somewhere for him to find. so normally, he's wearing his fur vestcoatthing, green tunic, boot, and dark pants as per most icons. he carries himself with an awkward tilt and a total lack of confidence. he talks with his hands a lot, making small as well as swooping gestures. his body language is open and incredibly expressive, even down to his toes. he holds himself with a total lack of confidence, like his gangly appearance has seeped into his personality through years of beatings to his self-esteem--except when it comes to dragons. he can run with his prosthetic; it just looks awkward. so, it suits him.
also, his voice is Jay Baruchel. so play with that as you will.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: anything and everything~
Abilities: dragon riding! charcoal drawing and other artistic activities! inventions that often go haywire! ruining everything! sarcasm, friendship, leadership, gangly teenagedome, mathematics, and the insane ability to brush off almost everything hurtful with a joke. except for that one time his dad basically disowned him. awkward.
Notes for the psychics/magically or spiritually sensitive: normal human! well, as normal as dragon-riding Vikings can get. his mind is always going, a constant ball made up of layers and layers of wheels spinning in a hundred different directions. so if you want what he's thinking at the moment, say so in brackets or OOC, and i'll try to keep it concise.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/start fights/etc?: yes/ask/yes/yes/yes! he is gangly and definitely not a fighter. in fact, he'll probably shy away from a fight, because violence. he's a good bullying target.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: YES. he will be the most awkward oh my god
Maim/murder/death: yes/no/no i'd rather not kill the cutest rider of all creation kthx
Cooking: simple things, like roasting fish-on-a-stick and making stew
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2013-12-08 04:59 pm
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Player Contact~

I am [personal profile] royul_thyme aka Nruu / Nico / ₪▓∎█░▓██▒░█▒▓▕
I play Nico di Creeperkinsadface~ Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza), Lavie Head ([personal profile] goathead), and Hiccup ([personal profile] lostmyfooting)

Contact Methods: Skype: (ask!! :D) -- Pesterchum: concaveDetective -- plurk: NruuCake don't ask me why -- gchat: hadesisnototherpeople
E-mail: hadesisnototherpeople @gmail

Timezone and Scheduling Issues: American Central. I'm usually free at evening and night, but that might change soon. Weekends are my friend.
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I'd love to co-post ♥ I usually never mean to drop, I just get a Nico block and then lose the notif so--if I've dropped and you want to continue, ping me or PM me or SOMETHING. please if i don't respond in three days HIT ME. always willing to backtag cuz time is our female toy dog, and ALWAYS THREADJACK ME DO THIS PLEASE i love jumping! I jump a lot, it's a habit, but i'm always worried no one wants me around bluh. also, I understand if you drop a thread of ours--don't feel bad, we all have other things we need to do, or you may have lost interest, or whatever. it's all good homie ♥
Comfort Levels: high octane levels of torture squick me out, but I love everything. Your pedophile wants ta badtouch my shouta? go for it. I crave it. n-no smut or porny things for Hiccup or Lavie. (even though Lavie's 17... we'll see how i feel later) aaaaand Nico won't be ready for that kinda shit for a WHILE.
Concrit/OOC issues: Always open to concrit! as long as we can talk it out. if you need anything, message me on here or my personal, or e-mail me. I'm hardly ever on Skype, but i'm always on Plurk and G-Chat.
Beta-ing: Ask away! I love helping people become better writers, and in a way, it helps me to grow as a writer too! mutual helpings.
AU-ing: I LOVE IT plot with me! PM me or gchat or plurk me, whatever. just know that i SUCK at coming up with ideas like, ever.
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2013-12-08 04:57 pm
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app within )